Turbine And Difference Between Impulsive And Reaction Turbine

A turbine is a rotary mechanical device which extracts the energy from fast moving liquids or fluids, steam, air and gas.

Difference between the Impulsive turbine and reaction turbine

Impulsive Turbine Reaction Turbine
The water flow must be takes place from the nozzle and impinges on the bucket The water flow must be guided by the guided blades and the water flow over the moving vanes
Constant cross sectional area is maintained in the Blades passage. there is no expansion of steam Variable cross sectional area is observed in the blades passage and there is no expansion of steam
In moving blades we can see the constant pressure. The relative velocity of the moving blades are remains constant In the reaction turbine continuous expansion of steam  means relative velocity in the moving blades increases
Initially the water energy must be converted into the kinetic energy In the reaction turbine there is no conversations in the energy takes place
Manufacturing of the blade is simple Blade shape are of different types manufacturing process is difficult
With the help of the kinetic force the water impinges on the bucket The water glides over the moving vanes with pressure energy
If there is change in the kinetic energy  of the jet then we can see the work done By changing the velocity head we can notice the partial work done. By changing the pressure head
In the impulse turbine the flowing water pressure remains unchanged  and that is equal to the atmospheric pressure After gliding over the vanes the flowing water pressure must be reduced.
The air should be move in between the wheel and the vane. there is no need to  run the wheel But in reaction turbine the wheel should always run full and water should be stored highly.
Flow of water should be regulated without any losses It is not possible to regulate the flow of fluid without loss.
It occupies less space per unit power It occupies more space per unit power
It is suitable for small powers It is suitable for medium and high powers