Pyrometer and Its Applications

The pyrometer comes from the Greek word. The meaning is to measure. Pyrometer is a type of thermometer which is helpful to measure high temperatures. Various types of pyrometers are existed historically.  In the present usage, there is non-contact device that interrupts and measured the thermal radiation. This process is known as pyrometry. The temperature on the surface is measured by using the thermal radiation.

Applications Of Pyrometer:

To measure the moving objects the pyrometer is used and it measures the surface that cannot be touched or cannot be reached.

The application is used in smelter industry, over the bath pyrometer, steam boiler, hot air balloons and gas turbine engine.



In the blast furnace by using an optical pyrometer the combustion temperature is measured. Here the pyrometer is used in the fixed nitrogen research laboratory.

In the metallurgical furnace operations, temperature is the fundamental parameter. A dependable and nonstop dimension of the melt temperature is important for effective control of the process.

Smelting rates are too maximized and persistency of the life may also be increased. For this purpose traditional thermocouple devices are used for this purpose. But the devices are not suitable for the continuous measurement because they are softened and degrade.


Over the bath pyrometer:

The temperature upto 1300 degree centigrade is operated by using the salt bath furnace for heat treatment process. At very high temperatures with strong heat transfer between the steel and the molten salt are treated, by measuring the temperature of the molten salt, accuracy is maintained. Maximum errors are occurred by the slag present on the surface, as it is cooler than the salt bath.

Tuyere pyrometer:

Tuyere pyrometer is an optical instrument for measuring the temperature through the Tuyere. These are normally used for nourishing air or incentives into the bath of the heater.

Steam boiler:

To measure the steam temperature, pyrometer is attached to the steam boiler in the super heater.

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