Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is a mechanical device; it includes different type’s tools like storage unit, vehicles, protection and control of the material, movement during the process of manufacturing, controlling, storage, transporting, distribution, disposal and consumption.

Material handling equipment is divided in to four types they are

  • Bulk material handling
  • Storage and handling equipment
  • Industrial trucks
  • Engineered system

Bulk Material Handling

Bulk material handling are used to store, transfer and control the bulk amount of materials like liquids, cereals,  metal and many other. We can see the bulk material handling equipment in the shipyards, mines, farms and refineries. Large quantities of the materials are used to transfer with the help of elevators, conveyor belts etc. Packed form of material is used to transfer with the help of hoppers and drums.


Bulk material handling system consists of

  • Stackers
  • Conveyor belts
  • Bucket elevators
  • Reclaimers
  • Hoppers
  • Storage tower
  • Grain elevators

Storage and Handling Equipment

In a period the equipment is used for allotting or protecting the materials. In some cases they are used to transport the material. If the materials are directly placed on the floor at that case there is no need of storage handling equipment. In many of the cases the storage equipment involves racks, pallets, casters, carts and shelves. Those are referred as catalog items, so they are generally accepted because they are have the international standards and even shifted as stock material.


Examples of Storage Handling Equipment

Mezzanines, shelves, drawers, bins, sliding racks, pallets, push back racks and racks.

Industrial Trucks

Industrial trucks are used in industries for transportation of products and materials with the help of vehicles. The transportation system consists of pallet- jacks, hand operated trucks and various types of fork hoist are used. To perform different operation the trucks have multiple characteristics. To load the product separate equipment is attached to lift the items from the flat surface. The tuck can be operated manually or with the help of power lift to ride or walk. The user requires a hand push or ride along on the truck. Stack trucks are used for the stack items and non-stack trucks are used for the transportation of the items but not to load.


There are different types of industrial trucks they are

Pallet jacks, order picker, hand trucks, pallet trucks, platform trucks, walkie stackers, side loader, automated guided vehicle.

Engineered system

Engineered is a mechanical device, it connects with both the transportation and storage to allow the variety of units. Retrieval system and automatic system are the best example of the engineered system.  They are worked automatically.

Different types of the engineered system are

  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • Conveyor system
  • Robotic delivery system

Advantages of material handling equipment:

  • In the production system the efficiency is improved by using this system, the material can be delivered within the time to the right place.
  • Cost of the labour was reduced
  • Overall cost was reduced
  • During the storage and movement, damage of the material is reduced
  • By using this system storage and handling cost is reduced along with the maximum space storage utilization.
  • Accidents are reduced in the material handling
  • Efficiency of the material handling was increased

 Disadvantage of Material handling equipment

  • Additional capital cost was involved
  • Material handling system requires maintenance
  • Additional change in the material leads to elasticity
  • Failure of the material leads to the downtime in the system.

Application of material handling equipment

  • Car chassis transportation
  • Vertical lift module
  • Aircraft wind handling
  • Line engine assembly
  • Food container pallets
  • Trucks and mobile lifts

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