Die Cutter

Die cutting machines are used in the metal working industries with the help of die the process is done. The die cutting machines are used for low strength materials like fiber, cloths, foil, rubber, plastics, fiber board, sheet metal, foam and adhesive tapes. In industries they are used for the process of shaping, cutting and forming of metals.

Different types of die cutters are available they are press type; rotary type and flatbed die type cutting machines. In leather and metal working industries the working process is known as clicking. Dinking process is done with the help of the dinking machine and the dinking dies. Dinking process is commonly used for the process to develop the labels, gaskets, envelopes and corrugated boxes.


Die cutting machines are divided in to five types they are

  • Water jets die cutting
  • Flatbed die cutting
  • Rotary die cutting
  • Laser die cutting
  • Press die cutting

Water jets die cutting:

Die Cutting Machines-1

High pressurized water is used for the process.  Compare with the sound speed water moves with a speed of two and half times greater in water. To the water jet die it consists of a small opening to flow the stream. The diameter of the water die cutter is nearly 0.003 inches with the help of this tool we can cut wide variety of the materials. The water jet die cutting is mainly used in the cold cutting process. The maintenance cost is low but it produces dangerous bi -products.


Flat bed die cutting:

Die Cutting Machines -2

With the help of the steel rule die erratic degree of hydraulic pressure is used in the flatbed cutting machine to obtain a stamp shape. Mainly the flat bed die cutting is used for making of butt cuts, kiss cuts, die cuts to seals and pages.

Advantages of flat bed die cutting:

  • Cutting tool cost is low
  • High tolerance is obtained with a thickness of  inches
  • Design flexibility is high
  • By using this tool we can produce different types of shapes
  • Curvature in the material is not needed.

Rotary die cutting:

Die Cutting Machines-3

Rotary die cutting is fabricated from the single point cutting tool. Cylindrical dies on a rotary press is used in the rotary die cutting. Pressing operation is performed on the long metal sheet. The metal sheet area is known as station which grips the rotary tool to give the desired shapes. With the help of the rotary die we can cut the sheet into smaller parts to obtain the shape. In this arrangement series of gears are arranged. The gears are arranged on the die to rotate at similar speed. These processes are mainly used for the high volume project and it reduces the waste age while production. The machinery is suitable for accurate cutting at low tolerances. Blades are easily removed and replaced in the die.

Laser die cutting:

Die Cutting Machines-4

In the laser die cutting tool non thermal forces and focused beam forces are used which is applied on the material to obtain required shape and size. The laser die cutting system is operated and controlled with the help of computer and it follows the pre-defined program to perform the operations on the work piece. By using this system we can produce large capacity of parts with uniform shapes and sizes. In many cases these are used to receive high accuracy and speed. Initially we can create prototype and determine the harder material which was unmanageable. Laser die cutting is preferable for short run and high volume productions.

Press die cutting:

Die Cutting Machines -5

By means of Press die cutting tool we can carry out to change the smaller shaped object to large shaped versions. Depending upon the forming metal the cutting die must be raised up and dropped up on the forming metal which is reinforced by the flat bench. The die action must be controlled by hydraulic, electrical, manual and pressurized source.

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