In fluid mechanics, pressure is one of basic properties of all fluids. Pressure (P) is defined in simplest terms as force (F) per unit area. Units of pressure are N/m which is called Pascal (Pa). However, it is small unit, so it is convenient to work with many of Pascal like kPa, the bar and MPa. In this article, we

Machine tool materials vary with the machine sizes mounted on the work bench for production. In many industries the machine sizes are of nearly several hundred tones. Machines are classified in to several types they are: Lathe machine Boring mills Drilling machine Grinding machine Milling machine Shaper machine and Planer machine Power saws Presses Lathe machine Lathe machine is a

Machine Tools Machine tools are static power driven machines that are used to shape the work piece material or parts made of metals. The shaping of the work piece materials are done in four ways they are From the work piece materials the excess parts are removed in the form of chips with the help of the tools. By shearing

Die cutting machines are used in the metal working industries with the help of die the process is done. The die cutting machines are used for low strength materials like fiber, cloths, foil, rubber, plastics, fiber board, sheet metal, foam and adhesive tapes. In industries they are used for the process of shaping, cutting and forming of metals. Different types

Jigs and Fixtures are typically used for machining operations. The other operations as assembly, inspection, lay out and testing are the areas where holding devices are suited well. EXTERNAL MACHINING OPERATIONS Flat Surface Machining : Milling fixtures Planning fixtures                            Plaining fixtures 3.  Surface grinding fixtures 4.  Shaping

Introduction: Power brushes are employed in industrial applications to remove the contaminated surfaces of the work pieces. These acts as essential components to remove the by-products while manufacturing, burrs and other sharp edges, that decreases the safety hazards and also to improve the performance as well as the functionality of the work piece. These brushes can be used in any

Jigs are work piece holding and tool guiding devices. These are generally made of hardened steel where these are fabricated separately and joined together by welding. These are manufactured by machining, forging, casting etc. These are corrosive resistant, in sensitive thermally and corrosive resistant. The dimensional accuracy of the jigs will influence the operational performance of the application. Drilling jigs

Introduction: A tool is a wedge shape object that is made of hard materials as high carbon steels, satellite, ceramics, diamonds and most commonly abrasives. Hardness is the main requirement of the tool. It should have resistance to with stand cutting forces that are applied on the work piece with enough hardness. The tool material should possess wear resistance, toughness,

Introduction: Jigs and fixtures ease for the production of components in mass within a very economical manner. These serve as most important role in mass production system. These are a special kind of work holding and tool guiding devices. The quality of performance in production depends on usage of jigs and fixtures for that production system. Generally mass production of