Strength of Materials

Material selection is determined by capabilities and qualities of materials or their properties. These properties are also used to help specify and identify metals. This engineering material determine utility of material to get response with given material to impose stimuli and constraints. There is various engineering material properties are given as under. Let us discuss about properties of materials. Types

A turbine is a rotary mechanical device which extracts the energy from fast moving liquids or fluids, steam, air and gas. Difference between the Impulsive turbine and reaction turbine Impulsive Turbine Reaction Turbine The water flow must be takes place from the nozzle and impinges on the bucket The water flow must be guided by the guided blades and the

The water flow in the Francis turbine must be in the form of radial direction and exists through the turbine axially. When the turbine imparting then the water pressure must be decreases and it hits the blades when turbine rotate. It is the first turbine with a radial inflow. It is also known as reaction turbine. Compare to the impulse

Kaplan is also known as propeller turbine. Kaplan turbine is a propeller type water turbine along with the adjustable blades. Mainly it is designed for low head water applications. The Kaplan turbine consists of propeller type of blades which works reverse. By using shaft power displacing the water axially and creating axial thrust in the turbine. The water flows axially

Hydraulic machines are defined as machines which converts the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy or mechanical energy into the hydraulic energy. The hydraulic machines are which converts the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy is known as turbines. Classification Of The Hydraulic Turbines: According to the basis of energy intake Impulse turbine Reaction turbine According to the direction of

Stress Strain Diagram Initially the metal piece is to be placed in between the tension compression testing machine. Later, load is applied on the metal piece with the help of the machine.  One can notice the increment in the size along the axial direction. The increment of the load is measured along with the work piece elongation. The process is

Stress: When a body is subjected by an external forces or load then it is said to undergo the deformation. The change in the dimension or shape increases gradually. At the time of deformation the object material attacks the tendency of the load to deform the body. When the load is removed then the internal stress are also removed and