Turing is one of the basic machining processes. It is used to remove the work piece material with the help of the cutting tool. By using the turning process we can produce wide variety of products. The turning operation is performed on the lathe machine. Turing is used to produce typically rotational and axis- symmetric parts that have amenities such

Milling is the machining process that uses rotary cutters to take away the material from a work piece. This process takes place in a particular direction and at it makes an angle with the tool axis. It covers wide range of operations and machines, starting from individual components to large heavy duty gang millers and their corresponding operations. It is

Introduction: Furnace is a device that is used to heat a material in order to exchange their shape as like in shaping and forging or the properties of the material can be changed. These furnaces are mostly used for melting the metals that are used for casting. Furnace can be termed as a type of oven. It is an enclosed

An evaporator is a device that turns the liquid form of a chemical into gaseous form. This liquid gets vaporized in this process. In evaporation technology it requires to maintain the quality of the liquid in the process of evaporation in order to avoid the damage to the product. This may require lowest possible time of liquid exposure to the

Forging Forging is one of the manufacturing operations it can be done by submission of pressure and with or without the submission of heat. During the forging process the metal should be heated and apply compressive forces within the limit to obtained final shape. Forging are generally hot forging process and cold forging process. Based on the temperature and die

Extrusion is a continuous process which is used to create an object with required cross sectional area. During the process force is applied on the molten metal to flow in to a closed shaped die in one direction under high pressure. Extrusion is classified into several types based on process, equipment and direction, They are: Hot extrusion Cold extrusion Warm

Defects: Defects in the casting process can be found due to the pattern and molding box equipment, cores, gating system, molding sand or molten metal. Some common defects are: Mold shift: When the top and bottom parts of the casting are mismatched this defect is occurs generally at the parting line of the casting. Swell: Swell is an enlargement to

Introduction: The process of removing undesirable contaminants, suspended impurities, undesirable particulate matter etc. from the contaminated water is termed as water purification. Water purification is to be done to fit the water for all purposes. The water is not only used for drinking purpose but also used for other requirements of medical, pharmacological and for many industrial applications. Several physical,

Drilling is one of the processes of cutting operations that drill bits, in order to cut or enlarge holes which are in circular cross section. These operations are performed on solid materials. A drill bit is used for the cutting operation; a drill bit is a rotating multipoint cutting tool.  This drill bit rotates at the rate of hundreds of