The CNC machines are divided in to four types they are Based on type of motion Based on control loop Based on power supply Based on the position of the system Based on the type of the motion systems they are divided into two types, they are: Point to point system Continuous path Point to point system In the point

Computer Numerical Control is a numerical control system in which a program is stored in the PC to perform the basic and advanced numerical control programs. The Computer Numerical Control is referred as a soft wire Numerical control, in which the machining processes is used in the manufacturing division with the help of the computer, the machine tools or work

Annealing is a heat treatment process that changes the physical and chemical properties of the material to increase the ductility; this is to formulate the work piece more workable. Above the transition temperature heating is given to the work piece, this is to maintain a suitable temperature and then cooling. Annealing treatment is preferable for the welded components, homogeneous, relieve

Metal embossing is a process for production of either raised or sunken designs on the sheet metal. This process can be carried out easily by matching a male and female dies, and their passage between rolls in accordance to the pattern desired. This process can be combined with foil stamping in order to create a shiny surface of embossing with

Laser: Laser is defined as the Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser beam machining Laser beam machining is a thermal energy based on the non-conventional machining process.  Laser is an optical transducer which converts the electrical energy into the high coherent light beam. When the laser is focused on the conventional optical lens, at that instance high power

Boilers are the enclosed vessels in which the water is heated and circulated as hot water or as steam for the generation of power or heat energy. It consists of arrangement of tubes where the water is heated and supplied for the steam for energy production. It acts as a storage tank for hot water. These boilers consist of tubes

Heat exchangers are the devices that are used to transfer heat from one fluid to other fluid. Many heat exchangers are been used by us in our daily lives that include condensers and evaporators that are used in air conditioning units and refrigerators. Boilers and condensers are included in the large industrial heat exchangers in thermal power plants. The radiators

Electron Beam Machining Electron beam machining is a thermal process used for the metal removal during the machining process. In the electrical beam machining, electrical energy is used to generate the electrons with high energy. Process of Electron Beam Machining Process: In the electron beam gun the electric beam is generated. Electron beam consists of a small spot size, from

Electrical discharge machining is an important ‘non-traditional manufacturing method. It is a standard method of creating tools to produce die castings, plastics mouldings, forging dies etc. In the material science new developments must control new engineering composite materials, metallic materials, and high tech ceramics, having thermal characteristics and good mechanical properties as well as suitable electrical conductivity. This is to

Abrasive jet machining is a process that uses abrasive particles that are carried at high air pressure or gas and is used to drive impinged on the work piece surface through a nozzle. The work material is removed by erosion process with the help of high velocity abrasive particles. Process: In the process of abrasive machining the abrasive particles are