Power plant Engineering

Working principle: Dam is built through the river and water is stored, from that hydroelectric power plant operates to develop the potential energy. From the stored water the potential energy is converted into the kinetic energy. With the help of the penstock pipe the water must flows through it as it generates the energy. In the water turbine the developed

The Main Parts Of The Nuclear Power Plant Are: Nuclear reactor Nuclear fuel Moderator Steam Generator Control rods Reflector Turbine Condenser Shielding Nuclear reactor: In the steam power plant in case of the boiler furnace the nuclear reactor is replaced. In the reactor heat is produced due to the happening of the nuclear fission in the fuel. At the time

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station; the heat source is a nuclear reactor. It is common in all regular thermal power stations; the heat is used to produce steam which initiatives a steam turbine associated to an electric generator and which produces electricity. To produce energy high amount of coal and petroleum are used. But there is

Hydro Electric Power Plants Are Classified According To Water Head Available They Are : High head power plant Medium head power plant Low head power plant High head power plant The water operating head is more than 70 meters, at that instance the plant is known as high head power plant. The prime movers are used in the pelton wheel

A gas turbine is also known as combustion turbine. It is a type of internal combustion engine. And it consists of an upstream rotating compressor coupled with the downstream turbine and a combustion chamber. There are two types of gas turbines, which are used in the gas turbine power plant. High pressure turbine Low pressure turbine High Pressure Turbine: In

By using the bi metallic mechanical thermometer we can convert the change of temperature in to useful mechanical displacement. We can see the two strips and they are made of two different metals. When they are heated the metals expand at different portions. Regularly they use copper and steel , in some cases they prefer brass and steel. Throughout the

Thermometer is a measuring device and the temperature is indicated. The device consists of a thin and completely closed glass tube. The glass tube is noticeable with graduations. One end of the bulb contains alcohol or mercury. It extends along with the tube, as it expands. There are different types of thermometers, Some of them are Types Of Thermometer: Alcohol

A thermal power station is known as power plant in which the prime mover is steam drive. Water is made to enter into the system and then heated, later which turns into the steam. The steam spins in a steam turbine which efforts an electrical generator. The Basic Components Of  The Thermal Power Station Are Boiler Steam turbine Generator Condenser

Turbine is a device which is used to convert the kinetic energy of the moving fluid is converted in to the mechanical power by using the reaction or impulse Types Of Turbines: Steam Turbine: Mainly the steam turbines are used in the thermal power plants for the generation of the electricity. For the generation electricity they use fuel oil, Coal

Power plant engineering mainly deals with the study of energy. For the power generation it utilizes the energy. With the help of turbine we can generate the power. By using the prime movers large amount of power is generated in a layout or from the site so it is known as power plant. In the layout we can see the