Material selection is determined by capabilities and qualities of materials or their properties. These properties are also used to help specify and identify metals. This engineering material determine utility of material to get response with given material to impose stimuli and constraints. There is various engineering material properties are given as under. Let us discuss about properties of materials. Types

Heat conduction is one of the three basic modes of thermal energy transport. Heat flows from higher temperature to lower temperature. Though it looks simple, heat transfer is quite complex phenomenon. There are three basic modes of heat transfer. This article provides an introduction to modes of heat conduction. Let’s take closer look at heat transfer and three main methods

Slip and twinning can be done in parts like type of defect, crystal axis change, stress requirement, visibility and for threshold value of stress occur. In this article, let’s look at comparison between crystal slip and twinning on surface of metal after deformation. What is slipping? Slip is defined as shear deformation that moves atoms by many interatomic distances in

Deformation can be referred to as change of shape. In reality, all objects are deformable. Deformation of solid materials has two basics such as change in shape and change in volume of an object by applying external forces. Thus deformation is used as equal to distribution. In this article, we shall discuss deformation of solids in terms of concepts of

One of most important concepts in Material engineering is fracture. Brittle fracture is key concern in Industrial Damage Mechanism and describe by sudden fracture in material under stress. As rule all materials of construction are at risk to damage and efforts have been made to prevent failures in tool caused by fracture mechanism. We will define and discuss brittle material

All material things are made from atoms. There are different types of atom called elements. Well, as you know, an atom consists of electrons protons and neutrons. The number of electrons in outer shell gives us number of atom. Similarly, number of protons and neutrons are associated with atomic number and mass number of atoms. In this article, we will

Normalizing is also heat treatment process that mainly considered for thermal and micro structure properties. It is used to relieve internal stresses, refine grain size and improve mechanical properties. In this article we learn difference between two processes annealing and normalizing. Before you see difference you should know definition and process of normalization. What is Normalizing? Normalizing is heat treatment

Bearings play an important role in application which is used to support another rotary motion. It is used to give free rotational motion to shaft. It reduces friction and heat. Here, we learn about many different types of materials bearings can be made of. Properties of Bearing Materials Bearing is mechanical element which locates two machine parts relative to each

In fluid mechanics, Reynolds Number (Re) is most important dimensionless number. Reynolds Number is used to determine whether fluid flow is laminar or turbulent. It is one of main controlling parameters in all viscous flow where numerical model is selected according to pre-calculated Reynolds Number. This article gives you detailed introduction into topic of Reynolds Number and its application. What

In fluid mechanics, Darcy-Weisbach equation relates pressure-loss to average flow velocity. It contains dimensionless friction factor known as Darcy-Friction equation. This is also called Darcy-Weisbach friction factor which simply friction factor. Here, fluid is assumed to be incompressible in nature. Darcy-Weisbach equation However, Pressure loss in pipe flow is calculated using equation known as Darcy-Weisbach equation. This Darcy-Weisbach equation is