Types of Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and little percentage of chromium. The chromium addition enhances the corrosive property to steel. Its maintenance is very easy with resistance to oxidation.

These metals do not affect other metals in contact and used very often in larger number of applications. Tubing and piping manufactory are included in these applications. These pipes are classified based on the end use of the pipe. These pipes are classified depending on the type of grades. In general application steel304 grade stainless steel is used. Many types of stainless steel are available with added particulates in them to gain desirable properties of particular applications.



Purpose of stainless steel:

  • These are best suited steel type for all corrosive resistance applications.
  • Ferritic or martensitic types of steels that mostly contain chromium are used in the manufacture of heat treated or annealing applications.
  • The austenitic type of stainless steels consists of chromium and nickel contents that can offer more resistance, and is used under any conditions and also for ferritic or martensitic types.

Types of stain steel pipes:

  1. Pressure pipes:

These pipes are made of solid chromium and nickel combination. Seamless and welded pipes, electric fusion welded pipes (used in high pressure applications), large diameter welded pipe that offers high acidic features and is applied in high temperature.


Seamless pipes

2.  Sanitary pipes:

These sanitary tubing or piping is related to the food, sensitive applications with high sanitation that have higher priority, these types of tubes are much efficient in such applications. As these have high corrosive resistance they do not tarnish and they provide an ease in their maintenance. These have various tolerances in accordance to their applications.  ASTMA270 grade is used in such applications.


Sanitary pipes

3.  Mechanical tubing:

Cylinders, bearings and other hallow parts are typically used in mechanical tubing applications. These tubing can be easily manipulated to a large variety of cross sectional shapes such as square, rectangular in additional to traditional and regular round shapes. ASTMA 511 and A554 are common types of grades in these mechanical applications.


4.  Aircraft tubing:

Chromium and nickel type stainless steel applications are used in high specific aircraft applications. The requirement of high corrosive strength and heat resistance in aircraft application will use this stainless steel. These require high strength and also can be work hardened or else welded as some applications may not use hardened pieces as corrosive substances. The low carbon type stainless steels are most commonly used in welded parts. Seamless and welded tubes are used in size ranges of 1.6 to 125 mm of the outer diameter. These tubes are specially made according to the aerospace material specifications or military specifications.


5.  Air craft Hydraulic Line tubing:

These are a type of aircraft tubing that are used in aerospace applications and hydraulic systems as fuel injection lines, these types tend to be very small. These are manufactured from 304 and 304 L types as they have high strength, corrosive resistance as well as ductility.

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