Silicon Band Gap Temperature Sensor

The silicon band gap temperature sensor is used in the electronic equipment. The main advantage of using this thermometer is due to the cost efficiency compared to the remaining temperature sensors. The integrated circuit present in the thermometer is low of cost. The measuring temperature depends on the bipolar junction transistor.

V_{BE}=V_{G_0}\(1-\frac{T}{T_0}\)+V_{BE_0}\(\frac{T}{T_0}\)+\(\frac{nKT}{q}\)\ln \(\frac{T_0}{T}\)+ \(\frac{KT}{q}\)\ln\frac{I_C}{I_C_0}

T = Temperature measured in Kelvin

T_0= reference temperature

K= Boltzmann Constant

q= Charge on an electron

n= a device dependent constant

V_{G_0}= band voltage at absolute zero.

V_{BE_0}= band voltage at Temperature T_0  and current I_{C_0}.


Temperature strip

The temperature strips are disposable, flexible and visual indicators are used for quickly and easy monitoring of the surface temperature. Mainly this type of temperature strips are used in the laboratory, hospitals, food and beverages especially for the home applications. In case of car racing, it is used to identify the parts temperature. Here the temperature strip is used, mainly to monitor the condition of rear suspension system.


Thermistor is one of the types of resistor, where the resistance differs considerably with temperature, additionally compared with the standard resistors. The thermistors are highly used as inrush current limiter, self-resetting overcurrent protectors, temperature sensor and self-regulating heating elements. Thermistors are varying with the resistance temperature detectors; the material used in the thermistor is normally a polymer or ceramic. This happens even though resistance temperature detector uses pure metals. The reaction of the temperature is also different; the resistance temperature detectors are useful in excess of large range of temperature. The thermistors usually achieve higher exactness surrounded by a limited range of temperature. The temperature ranges from -90 C to 130 C.



Thermocouple is a thermoelectric device used for measuring the temperature. The thermocouple consists of two wires of dissimilar metals. So those two dissimilar metals are connected at a single or more point. In that connection voltage is established between the junctions in fraction to the temperature transformation.

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