Fuel Cell: Fuel Cell is a device which is used to convert the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity by using a chemical reaction with oxygen or other oxidizing agent. Every fuel cell contains two electrodes, one positive (anode) and one negative (cathode). Each fuel cell has an electrolyte that transports electrically charged particles from one electrode to other

Gold: It is a chemical element and its symbol is “Au” whose atomic number is 79. It is a bright yellow dense, malleable, soft and ductile metal. Chemically, it is a transition metal and comes under 11th group in periodic table. The properties of gold are unchanged when exposed to air or water. Gold (III) Bromide: Gold Bromide (III) is

Drilling is one of the processes of cutting operations that drill bits, in order to cut or enlarge holes which are in circular cross section. These operations are performed on solid materials. A drill bit is used for the cutting operation; a drill bit is a rotating multipoint cutting tool.  This drill bit rotates at the rate of hundreds of

Jigs are work piece holding and tool guiding devices. These are generally made of hardened steel where these are fabricated separately and joined together by welding. These are manufactured by machining, forging, casting etc. These are corrosive resistant, in sensitive thermally and corrosive resistant. The dimensional accuracy of the jigs will influence the operational performance of the application. Drilling jigs

Principle: Grinding wheel is a device used to perform material removal and cutting it occurs at the time of weak bonding matrix. Components:   Abrasives, Bond, pore. Working Principle of Grinding Wheel: Hard grain materials are arranged outside the grinding wheel. Those grains are known as abrasives by using them; metal removal from the work piece is done to obtain

Introduction: A tool is a wedge shape object that is made of hard materials as high carbon steels, satellite, ceramics, diamonds and most commonly abrasives. Hardness is the main requirement of the tool. It should have resistance to with stand cutting forces that are applied on the work piece with enough hardness. The tool material should possess wear resistance, toughness,

AutoCAD: CAD abbreviates “Computer Aided Design”. AutoCAD is a commercial software application used for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design software generated by the organisation “Autodesk”. In order to enhance the workflow and create true-to-life maps, structures, diagrams and schematics it has powerful suite of features. CAD software is the equal part design and analysis. Design is required to generate models and

Rolling Rolling is a type of motion with respect to the surface it combines the translation and rotation of the object. During rolling there is no sliding at that case we can say that is pure rolling, if any sliding is observe during the process than we can see the deformation related to the area so some sliding is occurred.

Introduction: Jigs and fixtures ease for the production of components in mass within a very economical manner. These serve as most important role in mass production system. These are a special kind of work holding and tool guiding devices. The quality of performance in production depends on usage of jigs and fixtures for that production system. Generally mass production of

Introduction: Linear actuators are mechanical devices that convert the energy as extraction of power from air or electricity from liquids, in order to create motion in a straight line that is contrasted with a circular motion of the electric motor. These linear actuators move the work tables that are on the industrial machines, modulation of control valves, material handling equipment,