Turing is one of the basic machining processes. It is used to remove the work piece material with the help of the cutting tool. By using the turning process we can produce wide variety of products. The turning operation is performed on the lathe machine. Turing is used to produce typically rotational and axis- symmetric parts that have amenities such

Milling is the machining process that uses rotary cutters to take away the material from a work piece. This process takes place in a particular direction and at it makes an angle with the tool axis. It covers wide range of operations and machines, starting from individual components to large heavy duty gang millers and their corresponding operations. It is

Lubricant is a material that reduces friction between the mutual contact surfaces and improves the smoothness, with the motion of one surface over other. The material used in this process is known as lubricant. Lubricants are generally semi liquids or liquids, in some cases gases or solids and sometimes combination of liquids, solids and gases. When the body is moving

Introduction: Furnace is a device that is used to heat a material in order to exchange their shape as like in shaping and forging or the properties of the material can be changed. These furnaces are mostly used for melting the metals that are used for casting. Furnace can be termed as a type of oven. It is an enclosed

An evaporator is a device that turns the liquid form of a chemical into gaseous form. This liquid gets vaporized in this process. In evaporation technology it requires to maintain the quality of the liquid in the process of evaporation in order to avoid the damage to the product. This may require lowest possible time of liquid exposure to the

Welding process is used to join the metals permanently. In the welding process we can join more than two metal pieces to act as a single section. In many countries mare than 50% of the industrial gross products are related to the welding process only. There are various welding processes. Sometime the welding process produces sparks and some other does

Centrifugal pumps are the sub class of the turbo machinery of dynamic axisymmetric type that is work absorbing. These pumps are used to transport the fluids by a rotational kinetic energy process of conversion into the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow. The energy of rotational is typically from an electric motor or an engine.  These are most preferred hydraulic

Material handling equipment is a mechanical device; it includes different type’s tools like storage unit, vehicles, protection and control of the material, movement during the process of manufacturing, controlling, storage, transporting, distribution, disposal and consumption. Material handling equipment is divided in to four types they are Bulk material handling Storage and handling equipment Industrial trucks Engineered system Bulk Material Handling

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and little percentage of chromium. The chromium addition enhances the corrosive property to steel. Its maintenance is very easy with resistance to oxidation. These metals do not affect other metals in contact and used very often in larger number of applications. Tubing and piping manufactory are included in these applications. These pipes are

Valves Valve is a mechanical device used to control the flow direction of the fluid (liquid, solids, gases, fluidizers, slurries) and pressure in a system. In the open valves system the direction of the fluid is always passes from high pressure to low pressure. Types of the valves: Check valve, Hydraulic valve, Pneumatic valve, Manual valve, Solenoid valve, Motor valve,