Optimization In The Thermal Power Plant

There are different types of flow parameters which are used to receive optimum performance from the thermal power plant. By raising the average boiler temperature or by lowering the condenser temperature it results in a great efficiency of the power plant. That happens according to the second law of thermodynamics which is also known as Carnot efficiency. Some of the methods to improve performance are:

After Saturation Turbine Should Be Expanded

By expanding the steam in the turbine after reaching the saturation point leads to the dangerous affairs. If the stream moves below the saturation then wetness in the steam must be increases. The condensed water droplets strike the turbine rotating blades with high speed. So due to that, the blades can causes dangerous tip erosion. If you expand more than the required, it absorbs more energy from the steam. So in that case we notice increase in the power plant efficiency. If it contains 15 of wetness then it is said to be safe for the steam turbine power plant. From the fluid most of the steam turbine will expand upto the point to attain maximum energy.



 Increasing of average boiling temperature:

In the boiler the average heat addition temperature increases which results in the higher efficiency in the power plant.  Single method is used to increases the compressor pressure. With that method the saturation point of the fluid must be at higher level, this is done by proving higher average temperature of the heat addition.


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