Heat Meter And Elements Present In Heat Meter

Heat meter is a device used to measure the thermal energy provided by a source. In the other case, the energy should be delivered to the sink. The flow rate must be measured by the heat transfer fluid. So there is a temperature change between the outflow fluid and return legs of the system. The heat meter is mainly used in the boilers to measure the output and heat taken by the process. From the heating boiler it measures the heat output and from the chiller unit we can measure the cooling output.

Elements present in the heat meter:

The main components present in the heat meter are:

Fluid flow meter



Fluid flow meter:

They use two types of flow meter. They are –

  • Turbine flow meter
  • Ultrasonic flow meter


The thermocouple is used to measure the temperature difference between the inflow and out flow of the fluids.

Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

Indoor thermometer and outdoor thermometer are used to produce the temperature measurements both indoor and outdoor. To measure the outside temperature it requires some remote sensing devices. In modern cases it has used electronic transducers



The indoor and outdoor thermometer is used to allow the outside temperature to be indicated inside a building. So temperature reading is required to go outside. We can see the applications in the vehicles and they are particularly used for the municipal vehicles which are used in the ice clearance and snow clearance.

Electronic thermometer:

Sensor can be of any type that is used in the electronic thermometers. In this system we can see that the thermistors and semiconductor junctions are also used. Both the indoor thermometer and outdoor thermometer are sold as a kit. The indoor thermometer and outdoor thermometer on sale are wireless devices requiring no physical connection to the sensor placed outside. In this process the sensor needs to be battery powered.

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