• It is a chemical element and its symbol is “Au” whose atomic number is 79.
  • It is a bright yellow dense, malleable, soft and ductile metal.
  • Chemically, it is a transition metal and comes under 11th group in periodic table.
  • The properties of gold are unchanged when exposed to air or water.

Gold (III) Bromide:

  • Gold Bromide (III) is a dark-red to black crystalline solid.
  • It is commonly known as gold (III) bromide, gold tribromide and often called as auric bromide and digold hexabromide.
  • The empirical formula is as follows:



Gold (III) Chloride:

  • Gold Chloride is also termed as “Auric Chloride”, a chemical compound of gold and
  • The Roman number in the name specifies that the gold has an oxidation state of “+3” and it is common for the gold compounds.
  • It is very hygroscopic and highly soluble in water and ethanol.

Gold Salts:

  • Gold salts are ionic chemical compounds of gold.
  • The application of gold compounds to medicine is termed as “aurotherapy” and “chrysotherapy”.


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