Fiber optical thermometer and its Applications

In electromagnetically influenced environment the fiber optical thermometer is used. But it is not possible to measure the temperature in the power plants, explosion proof areas and in microwave fields. On the thermometer we can measure the temperature from 1 to 255 channels.

Applications Of Fiber Optical Thermometer:

The fiber optical thermometer is used in the medical, environmental, chemical and petro chemical, micro wave and radio frequency, generator and transformer, wood drying, electric motor,



A fiber optic sensor gives complete protection to microwave radiation and radio frequency with high temperature operating capability. Error at the image acquirement can breed in the metallic sensor. They manufacture the sensor with a 0.5 mm diameter for the special case of cancer treatments. So with the help of the sensor they monitor the temperature present in the tissue. In laser therapy also they use the sensor application.  With the help of the endoscope laser the energy is coupled. The temperature must be measured with the fiber optic probe. At the location of the therapy the fiber optical probe must be placed.


Industrial zones frequently contaminate the soil by toxic, oil and organic compounds. For frequent use of the radio waves, the fields should be cleared for the frequent use of the radio waves. The fiber optical sensors are arranged for controlling and monitoring this process. In radio frequency range a high power generator will deliver the energy. The polluted soil should be covered with an electrode that heats the surface dielectric. And several fiber optical probes are placed in the soil. The temperature values depend up on the measured temperature values. So in the soil the temperature distribution can be recognized. Based on the level of pollution the temperature will be enlarged slightly too active a complex decomposition of soil organisms. The soil water will condensate in a temperature range of up to 150 Celsius composed with non-steam and resistant organic contaminations.


Chemical and petro chemical:

The fiber optic temperature probes are designed to withstand the corrosive and harsh environments. The sensors are basically safe. We never found any component which creates sparks. Non-conductive components are present so we can in the hazardous areas. They are having a length of 2.5 miles so , the analysis can be placed outside the hazardous area.

Microwave and radio frequency environments:

In microwave chemistry the fiber optical sensors are only way to control the temperature.

Generator and transformer:

Due to the safety issues the temperature must be controlled tightly. In order to cool effectively the high power generators are filled with the hydrogen. Due to the heavy contaminated electromagnetic environment the risk for explosion is high. So in these areas only optical thermometer is used to measure

Electric motors:

Fiber optic temperature measurement, without the external effects can work easily and quickly in hazardous areas. They can be to measure the temperature of a stator winding of an engine or the temperature of bearing.

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