Diesel Power Plant And Its Components

For the generation of the electrical energy, the diesel used as prime mover in the generation station is known as diesel power station.

Components Present In The Diesel Power Plant:

  • Diesel engine
  • Air filters
  • Super chargers
  • Engine starting system
  • Fuel system
  • Lubrication system
  • Cooling system
  • Governing system
  • Exhaust system

Diesel engine

Diesel engine is one of the main components present in the diesel power plant. Mainly the engines are classified in to two types they are two stroke engine and four stroke engine. In the diesel engine the engine is straight away joined to the generator to develop power. In the engine the air entered in the cylinder must be compressed. Fuel must be injected by the end of the compression stroke. After the burning of the fuel the burnt gases expand and apply pressure on the piston.  To the generator the shaft of the engine is straightly attached to the engine. After the completion of the combustion the burnt gases are ejected in the atmosphere.

Air filters

Air filters are used to remove the dust particles present in the air during the entrance in to the engine. Air filters are a dry air filter type which consists of wool, felt or cloth. In case of the oil bath type filters the air is brushed over a bath of oil so the dust must be elements that get coated.


Super chargers

The super changers are used to increase the air pressure which is provided to the engine. Then the power of the engine is improved.

Engine starting system

In the diesel power plant diesel engine used is not self-starting. Starting of the engine includes the air tanks along with the air compressor. In the cold conditions the engine is started by delivering the air.

Fuel system

The fuel system contains the fuel transfer pump, fuel pump, storage tank, heaters and strainers. With the help of the Pumps the diesel from the storing tank is drawn and with the help of the filter it is supplied to the small day tank. Day tank delivers the day-to-day fuel essential for the engine. In place of the high placed flows the day tank is used so that the diesel movements the engine takes place under gravity. Again the diesel filtered before it is injected into the engine with the help of fuel injection pump.

With the help of the fuel injection system some functions are performs they are

  • Initially the fuel must be filtered
  • At the time of injection of the fuel correct quantity is to be injected in to the system.
  • Injection process must take place at a particular time
  • The fuel supply must be regulated
  • In the combustion chamber atomized fuel must be separated properly.
  • According to the loads of the plants the fuel must be supplied.

Lubrication system

The lubrication system must includes oil tanks, coolers, pipes and oil pumps. The main aim is in moving parts. It is used to reduce the friction and reduce tear and wear of the engine components. Like cylinder walls and piston. Due to the friction the Lubrication oil must be gets heated of and the moving parts are cooled earlier reflow. In the lubrication system the oil is forced from the oil tank through the oil chiller.  The oil is cooled with the cold water which enters the engine. After cooling of the hot oil the moving parts are returned in to the lubricating oil tank.

Cooling system

Inside the engine cylinder the high temperature of the burning fuel is around 1500 to 2000 C. In case we lower this temperature the water is dispersed through the engine. The water jacket covers the engine. And the heat from the piston, cylinder, and combustion chamber must be passed by the flowing water. The level of the hot water in the jacket is delivered through the heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger, the heat is carried away by the water which is circulated over the heat exchanger and the water is cooled in the cooling tower

Governing system

The governing system is used to control the speediness of the engine. This is completed by changing the fuel stream permitting it to the engine load

Exhaust system

The exhaust gases approaching out of the engine are very loud. To reduce the sound a silencer is used.

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