Process Equipments

Mercury in glass Thermometer The mercury thermometer or mercury in glass thermometer was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714. The mercury glass thermometer consists of a bulb and it contains mercury in it. And the tube is attached to the glass tube is of thin diameter. Compared to the bulb volume in the tube the mercury is very less.

For the generation of the electrical energy, the diesel used as prime mover in the generation station is known as diesel power station. Components Present In The Diesel Power Plant: Diesel engine Air filters Super chargers Engine starting system Fuel system Lubrication system Cooling system Governing system Exhaust system Diesel engine Diesel engine is one of the main components present

Lubricant is a material that reduces friction between the mutual contact surfaces and improves the smoothness, with the motion of one surface over other. The material used in this process is known as lubricant. Lubricants are generally semi liquids or liquids, in some cases gases or solids and sometimes combination of liquids, solids and gases. When the body is moving