Power supply

Load The external force acting on a body is known as Load. Classification of loads Dead Load Fluctuating load Inertia load Centrifugal load Dead load: It is defined as the weight of a vehicle which does not include the loads or passenger’s weight. Fluctuating load: It is also known as the live load. The load which varies continuously on the

Motor is an electro mechanical or mechanical device that is used to converts the energy into motion. It converts the energy in the form of hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical into the linear motion or rotational motion. Then the converted energy must be send to the shaft for an output or to the other power transmission apparatuses, where it delivers useful

Switch is an electro mechanical device, with one or more arrangements of electrical contacts mainly used in the electrical circuits. The switch working condition depends on two states they are open and closed. ‘Open-Switch’ means the contacts are separated, where the switch is in non-conducting state. ‘Closed-Switch’ means there are a contact both the ends, where the electricity can be

Pressure switches are activated by change in the pressure of a gas or liquid. Based upon the action of the transducer the pressure switch devices are used to convert the pressure change into the linear or electrical energy based. Based on the application of the pressure increasing and decreasing the switches can be made to turn ON. Pressure switches are