Working Of The Diesel Power Plant: In the diesel engine power plant the fuel mixture and air is used as a working medium. During the time of the suction stroke atmospheric air enters the combustion chamber. With the help of the injection pump fuel is injected in to the chamber. Inside the engine the air and the fuel is mixed

There are different types of flow parameters which are used to receive optimum performance from the thermal power plant. By raising the average boiler temperature or by lowering the condenser temperature it results in a great efficiency of the power plant. That happens according to the second law of thermodynamics which is also known as Carnot efficiency. Some of the

The objects that generate magnetic field are known as magnets. The force field developed will either pull or repels with materials as nickel and iron. The attracted forces pull the Ferro magnetic materials as iron. All the magnets are not made of same elements. These magnets are classified on the basis of the elements in them.   Types: Permanent magnets: