Engineering Materials

A plastic strip thermometer or liquid crystal thermometer is a type of thermometer which contains heat sensitive liquid crystals. The liquid crystals in the plastic strip changes colour to indicate the dissimilar temperatures. Liquid crystals have the mechanical properties of a fluid, but need the visual properties of a single crystal. Change in temperature can affect the colour of a

It is a group or combination of activities that must be executed within a certain fixed order before the entire task is completed. Activities are inter-related in a logical sequence, in the sense that some activities can only be started when all the activities earlier to it have been completed. Event: Event denotes the point of time or accomplishment occurring

It is a science that deals with the association among the structure and the properties of the materials. Properties of materials: Properties of the materials are divided in to six categories. They are Decorative Electrical Magnetic Mechanical Optical Thermal Every material possesses a structure, relevant properties. They depend upon the giving out and govern the performance. Normal materials possess strength