Controlling devices

The most commonly used fibers are glass fibers. It consists of large number of enormously fine fibers of glasses.  Glass fibers are divided into two types they are: Continuous fibers Discontinuous fibers The glass is made up of silicon dioxide. Mainly the glass fibers are used for the structural applications. They come into two types they are E-glass and S-glass.

Gauge is a device used to measure and also show certain facts like time, content of something, amount; it also gives the visual display. Variety range of tools are present which helps in such functions ranging from basic pieces of materials against which sizes can be restrained to difficult pieces of machinery. The gauge can be defined as “a service

Carburetor is a device which blends the air and fuel mixture for an internal combustion engine. Components of carburetor The components present in the carburetor are float chamber, diaphragm chamber, venture, throttle, idle and off idle circuits, main circuit etc. Float chamber: Float chamber is used to holds the fuel at the atmospheric pressure and needs to be ready for

In the process of designing a gear, maintenance needs to be taken in order to prevent the failure of the gear. Failure of gear may take place in various types or modes. The Failure Of The Gear Takes Place In Five Types They Are Wear Scoring Plastic flow Pitting Tooth fracture Wear: Wear happens in the tooth which means damage

Gears are toothed supporters which are used to transmit the motion or power in between the two shafts. The power transmission between them takes place by using meshing without any slip. The gear drives are also known as the positive power drives. In the gears the smaller gear is known as the pinion and the larger gear is known as

Governors Governors are also known as speed limiters; they are used in different places like engines to measure and regulate the speed of an engine. Types of governors There are two types of governors namely: Centrifugal governors Inertia governors Centrifugal governors : Centrifugal governors are used to balancing the rotating balls by using the centrifugal force. Two balls with equal