• CAD abbreviates “Computer Aided Design”. AutoCAD is a commercial software application used for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design software generated by the organisation “Autodesk”.
  • In order to enhance the workflow and create true-to-life maps, structures, diagrams and schematics it has powerful suite of features.
  • CAD software is the equal part design and analysis.
  • Design is required to generate models and prepare component production.
  • Analysis aids to calculate stress levels, the influences of forces and finite elements in a design.


Similar to that of the other CAD software packages, AutoCAD allows the designers and technicians like the mechanical engineers, to create detail 3d digital models of the work. It includes whole data regarding the dimensions, materials and functioning of the moving components. This method saves the mechanical engineers and the small mechanical engineering businesses a precise amount of time as well as money when compared to the prototyping, testing and facilitating communication.


There are different versions in AutoCAD and they are as follows:

Release Name of the Version Release Date
1 Version 1.0 December 1982
2 Version 1.2 April 1983
3 Version 1.3 August 1983
4 Version 1.4 October 1983
5 Version 2.0 October 1984
6 Version 2.1 May 1985
7 Version 2.5 June 1986
8 Version 2.6 April 1987
9 Release 9 September 1987
10 Release 10 October 1988
11 Release 11 October 1990
12 Release 12 June 1992

Different Uses:

  • It is a computer aided drafting program basically used by the architects, engineers and interior designers.
  • It is replacing slowly the requirement of draft by hand and can be useful in the utilisation of the creation of blue prints, 3D models, floor plans and the detailed construction of the specifications for everything that lies from the submarines to the kitchen cabins.
  • It posses the ability to generate the equipment schedules and the informational documents that allows it to be the one-stop program for different professions.
  • It is possibly, well known for the ability to create the blueprints without drafting the tools comparatively in the less time.
  • Draftsmen and Architects can use the AUTOCAD in order to create building details and the specification for the construction that includes everything set off from the thickness and height of the walls to exact location of plumbing and electrical work.
  • It can be utilised by the interior designers in order to specify the finish location and the selection that can be given to specific person who performs renovation.
  • It allows the interior designers to come out with the cost estimates in detail, offers them with the ability to develop near and exact needs come to an end.
  • The utilisation of the 3D CAD design that is capable to generate 3D offerings of space.
  • It is also utilised by the engineers to design the buildings and mechanical items in addition.

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