Brake system is most important parts of a vehicle. This braking system is necessary in an automobile for stopping vehicle. Brakes are applied on wheels to stop or to slow down the vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into heat. No matter what kind of vehicle people use, an efficient braking system will always use for safety. In this article,

Petrol and diesel engines are two common things used internal engines. Petrol and diesel engine is done on basis of fuel used by these engines. Engine which uses petrol is called petrol engine but engine that uses diesel is called diesel engine. In this article, we will discuss about differences between petrol and diesel engine. There is lot of variation

In automobile, oil is used to protect engine. When it comes to engines, oil is product to controls inner activities that occur within engine. Lack of oil leads to overheating as well as engine parts are down. So to avoid set-up of oil pressure, you need to understand reasons that lead to low oil pressure in engines. In this article,

Magneto Ignition System is unique kind of Ignition system which has its own basis to generate necessary amount of energy for an automobile or a vehicle to work. It replaces all component of battery ignition system except spark plug. Today we will study about this Magneto Ignition System, function, parts, working, advantages and disadvantages. Functions of Magneto Ignition System There

Dynamometer or dyno is a device that measure force, power or speed. Dynamometer is for measurement of brake power. To measure brake power, engine torque and speed have to be calculate. So you can figure out how much power you need or how much you have to hand. But dynamometers come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look

Battery Ignition System is used in automobiles to produce spark in spark plug for combustion of fuel in I.C. engine. Here main source for spark generation is battery. It is used in light vehicles. In this article, we will discuss about Battery Ignition System, main parts, working, advantages and disadvantages. Main parts of Battery Ignition System The main parts used

Frictional force is an important force in day to day life. This frictional resistance between dry surfaces in sliding contact is relative to force between surfaces. Fluid friction occurs in liquids and gases. In this article, we have discussed briefly about different types of frictional resistances. Types of Frictional Resistance There are three main types of friction such as Dry

Fluids are divided into five types they are: Ideal fluids Real fluids Newtonian fluids Non-Newtonian fluids Ideal plastic fluids Ideal Fluids: An ideal fluid is defined as a fluid which is in-compressible and the one that does not have viscosity. Ideal fluids are imaginary fluids. This exist some viscosity. Real Fluids: A real fluid is defined as a fluid which

Fluid mechanics is a branch of science, which deals with the fluids behavior in the rest position and in the motion too. The study of science deals with the kinematics, dynamics and statists. The fluids at the rest position are known as fluid statics. If the fluid is in motion without considering the pressure forces then it is known as

Composites are defined as the combination of two or more chemically different constituents which combines macroscopically to produce a useful material. Natural Composite Materials Are: Wood, Granite and Bone Artificial Composite Materials Are: Plywood, concrete, fibrous composites, fiber glass, plastic, alloys metals along with the impurities etc., Composite Material Usage: Sports In Sports they are used for the Bicycles, Golfing,