Fluids are divided into five types they are: Ideal fluids Real fluids Newtonian fluids Non-Newtonian fluids Ideal plastic fluids Ideal Fluids: An ideal fluid is defined as a fluid which is in-compressible and the one that does not have viscosity. Ideal fluids are imaginary fluids. This exist some viscosity. Real Fluids: A real fluid is defined as a fluid which

Fluid mechanics is a branch of science, which deals with the fluids behavior in the rest position and in the motion too. The study of science deals with the kinematics, dynamics and statists. The fluids at the rest position are known as fluid statics. If the fluid is in motion without considering the pressure forces then it is known as

Composites are defined as the combination of two or more chemically different constituents which combines macroscopically to produce a useful material. Natural Composite Materials Are: Wood, Granite and Bone Artificial Composite Materials Are: Plywood, concrete, fibrous composites, fiber glass, plastic, alloys metals along with the impurities etc., Composite Material Usage: Sports In Sports they are used for the Bicycles, Golfing,

The most commonly used fibers are glass fibers. It consists of large number of enormously fine fibers of glasses.  Glass fibers are divided into two types they are: Continuous fibers Discontinuous fibers The glass is made up of silicon dioxide. Mainly the glass fibers are used for the structural applications. They come into two types they are E-glass and S-glass.

In the nuclear power plant reactor is similar to the steam power plant furnace. In the reactor the heat is liberated because of the nuclear fission. The fuel present in the system must be circulated to provide cooling effort for the reactor core. The reactor leaves the hot coolant at the top and from that it flows through the tubes

Working principle: Dam is built through the river and water is stored, from that hydroelectric power plant operates to develop the potential energy. From the stored water the potential energy is converted into the kinetic energy. With the help of the penstock pipe the water must flows through it as it generates the energy. In the water turbine the developed

The Main Parts Of The Nuclear Power Plant Are: Nuclear reactor Nuclear fuel Moderator Steam Generator Control rods Reflector Turbine Condenser Shielding Nuclear reactor: In the steam power plant in case of the boiler furnace the nuclear reactor is replaced. In the reactor heat is produced due to the happening of the nuclear fission in the fuel. At the time

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station; the heat source is a nuclear reactor. It is common in all regular thermal power stations; the heat is used to produce steam which initiatives a steam turbine associated to an electric generator and which produces electricity. To produce energy high amount of coal and petroleum are used. But there is

Hydro Electric Power Plants Are Classified According To Water Head Available They Are : High head power plant Medium head power plant Low head power plant High head power plant The water operating head is more than 70 meters, at that instance the plant is known as high head power plant. The prime movers are used in the pelton wheel